The Melanie Foundation Application and Information

What is being awarded?

The Melanie Foundation Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship to be awarded to a candidate pursuing a doctoral or master’s degree in the mental health field.

How long will the scholarship last?

The scholarship will be awarded to a candidate for one year.
Candidates may reapply for additional years.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Currently enrolled in a graduate program majoring in the mental health field in the United States. Programs must be accredited by one or more of the following credentialing agencies: ACGME, APA, CACREP, CSWE, COAMFTE.
Provide evidence of past involvement in extracurricular, volunteer, research, and/or career-related activities.

What are the application requirements?

Curriculum vitae. Please include e-mail address. (PDF)
Unofficial transcripts (undergraduate and/or graduate). Official transcripts may be requested at a later date. (PDF)
Two letters of reference supporting the candidate’s application from adults who have known the candidate for more than 1 year (at least one from a professional in the mental health field, another from an individual who has known the candidate for 5 years or more). Letters of reference should be emailed directly to our email address with the applicant’s name as the subject of the email ( (PDF)
A typed (double-spaced) essay of no more than two pages on how your experiences in the mental health profession have shaped your life and how you will use your college and graduate education to assist communities in a manner consistent with Melanie Merola O’Donnell’s values of compassion, generosity, respect, and honesty. (PDF)
All application materials must be sent together as a PDF in one email, with the reference letters arriving separately with the applicant’s name in the subject line. Please be clear about this when requesting a reference. If your documents exceed the amount of space allowed in one email you may send multiple emails but please do so during the same time frame so they arrive together.
As an option you may choose one of the following quotes to incorporate into your statement:

“You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
~Mother Teresa

“If we all did things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”
~Thomas Alva Edison


All applications are due by March 5, 2018. Scholarship recipients will be personally notified and publicly announced by June 30, 2018. All other applicants will be notified electronically.

The Melanie Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, Vietnam-era or disabled veteran status in its selection process.

If you have questions, email us at:

Please send all materials to:

Privacy Policy: The Melanie Foundation does not collect information from site visitors only from applicants to the scholarship. The applicant information collected is used exclusively to select a scholarship recipient. Applicants will be contacted only if there are clarifying questions regarding application information and to inform applicants of their status. Thank you.